Accountancy is an activity that involves the documentation, classification and reporting on a business’s financial transactions. Accounting is probably the main tool that any business which is willing to prosper should have. Businesses should, therefore, (regnskapsfører) invest a lot in terms of accounting for the purposes of ensuring that inflow and outflow of money within the business is monitored effectively so as to avoid unnecessary loses.
Accountants are perhaps the key solvers of this issue since they have diverse knowledge on all the areas related to a business. Whether it is a start-up or a stable business, considerations should be directed towards the acquisition of accounting services.

Accounts contribute by a greater depth towards the development of business through performing various duties. These include;
• Providing an in-depth analysis of the companies assets in terms of profits and losses (regnskapsfører kristiansand). This information is very fundamental since the business owners and other experts rely on it in order to make suitable decisions that will ensure the company grows
• They also generate the budgets which will ensure that funds are equally distributed across all the business functions without limiting other areas.
• Expenses are also analysed more effectively which helps in the formulation of strategies that will ensure unnecessary expenses are not incurred.
• The accounting discrepancies are also addressed by the accountants using their knowledge in finance, mathematics and accounting.
Accountants can either choose to work under different business environments which they fill more comfortable with. There are various categories of accounting.

These are;
1. Private accounting where the accountant is restricted to providing a service for a single firm (
2. Public accounting which provides vast accounting services to the public without being limited to any company.
3. The national income accounting which borrows concepts from both the economy and social factors in providing the nations accounting estimates.
Generally, these are the main concepts and ideas that are involved in accountancy and accountants.